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Victoria Watts

Creator of the CyR.U.S. System

I’m the founder and CEO of Victorialand Beauty, a socially responsible beauty brand that strives to help everyone look and feel beautiful with all-natural, cruelty-free skincare products inclusive of all consumers regardless of disability. I am also the creator of the CyR.U.S System - the first and only modern tactile language designed to give the over 2.2 billion people worldwide who have some degree of vision loss independence, enjoyment and product safety.

The CyR.U.S.™ System of Raised Universal Symbols is a proprietary packaging communication system comprised of tactile symbols and embossed QR codes to make products easier to identify, learn about ingredients and understand usage. Right at your fingertips.

• Product Research, Development & Marketing
• Beauty Industry & Skincare Products
• Diversity Awareness & Disability Inclusivity
• Creative Project Management

WHY IT WORKS: I was inspired to start Victorialand Beauty to solve my own skincare challenges. After recognizing the widespread lack of inclusiveness in the beauty industry for consumers with disabilities inclusive packaging became a core part of our brand.

When my youngest son Cyrus was born visually impaired due to a genetic disease (FEVR), I realized he navigates the world primarily through touch, but so many products and their packaging were not designed to be accessible to all. Through my company, I’ve worked closely with the Lighthouse and the American Foundation for the Blind to ensure our products are inclusive and readily accessible for all, regardless of disability.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: I’ve been involved in entrepreneurial ventures since I first launched Ipswich Ale Mustard in 1995 (it’s still a local favorite in Massachusetts!). I’m also a tireless advocate for disability awareness and accessibility issues, which is why 2% of all Victorialand sales are donated to the Boston Children’s Hospital.

BEYOND THE OFFICE: I enjoy working out, clean eating, and spending time with my 4 kids.

June 14, 2022

Victoria Watts and The CyR.U.S. System

Entrepreneur and mother, Victoria Watts, stops by to share her story of parenting a child that was born blind, her inspiration to…

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