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Thomas Reid

Audio producer | Voice Over Talent | Audio Description Narrator Consultant & Advocate

Shortly after becoming blind in 2004, Thomas Reid decided to re-ignite a dormant interest in audio production. After years of combining his interest in audio with advocacy, in 2014 he was selected as a New Voice Scholar by the Association of Independence in Radio. During that same year he began his podcast Reid My Mind Radio - featuring compelling people impacted by all degrees of blindness and disability. Occasionally, he shares stories from his own experience as a man adjusting to becoming Blind as an adult.

Thomas has been thinking critically about Audio Description since his early in theater experience in 2007. He's been covering the topic on the podcast since 2015 and most notably since critiquing various aspects of AD in Marvel's Black Panther in 2018.

Through his Flipping the Script on Audio Description series, Reid continues to explore the art by going beyond surface level topics and examining its implications on the community.

As an Audio Description Narrator, Reid has appeared on projects for Netflix, Hulu, PBS and more. He provides consultations for independent film makers, film festivals, co-facilitates workshops and serves as moderator or panelist for discussions on audio description and content accessibility.

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Thomas Reid a brown skin Black man with a clean-shaven bald head and full neat beard, smiles into the camera. He wears dark shades and a black and white checkered button up shirt.

Sept. 27, 2022

Thomas and Reid My Mind Radio

Producer and host of Reid My Mind Radio, Thomas Reid, stops by to share his journey that started as an infant with a rare form of…

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