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Stephanae McCoy

Founder, Bold Blind Beauty

Prior to my sight loss, my personal and career successes continued to mount. I scored a huge promotion from the Big Four accounting firm where I was employed. I married my best friend and extraordinary carpenter who was also renovating my first house. Everything was coming together and I had big plans for an even brighter future.

After I lost my sight my confidence level dropped and I struggled to come to terms with my life as a blind woman. Feelings of isolation, fear and depression overwhelmed me and halted my dreams.

As a lifelong abilities crusader who fought for the rights of both my son and mother, I didn’t know how to self-advocate. Immersing myself in the blind community was the turning point in my blindness journey.

Aug. 9, 2022

Stephanae McCoy and Bold Blind Beauty

Stephanae McCoy stops by to share her unique sight loss story and talk about the advocacy platform she created called Bold Blind …

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