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Kathryn Webster is a strong thought leader across various communities, hence the ignition to found this organization, most notably named after her father, Tad, who passed away in 2017. Kathryn is a 2023 MBA candidate at Harvard Business School. Upon graduation, she will be joining KKR and Co., the global investment firm, in New York City. Kathryn grew up in Connecticut, later receiving Bachelor of Science degrees in Statistics and Computer Science with high honors from Wake Forest University. Her scholastic achievements propelled Kathryn into a career with Deloitte & Touché, LLP., where she specialized in strategic transformation and business process reengineering. While in the Washington DC metropolitan area, Kathryn spearheaded the creation of a mentorship program, Project RISE of the National Federation of the Blind, for blind and low vision youth across the state of Virginia. She currently serves on the Board for the Lighthouse of San Francisco, Treasurer of BLIND, Inc., as a board member of the tenBroek Memorial Fund Corporation, and on the board of Business Opportunities for the Blind. Kathryn previously served as President of the National Association of Blind Students, the largest organization promoting independence and confidence for blind students. Kathryn recognizes the value in intertwining corporate prowess with civic engagement, thus the impetus for Together Achieving Dreams Foundation Inc. She believes this organization will completely transform the way society, corporations, and families view the blind and low vision communities. She approaches each day with the motivation to break the stigma and prove that blind people can achieve anything they want in the world.

Together Achieving Dreams with Kathryn Webster
March 21, 2023

Together Achieving Dreams with Kathryn Webster

Founder and President of the Together Achieving Dreams (TAD) Foundation, Kathryn Webster, stops by to share her unbelievably unique sight loss journey and the humbling moment she became comfortable with herself. Kathryn explains TAD Foundation’s thre...

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