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Jackie Summers

Author, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur

An acclaimed author, public speaker, and entrepreneur, Jackie Summers is the founder of JackFromBrooklyn Inc. and the creator of the award-winning Sorel Liqueur. After being diagnosed with a spinal tumor and given a small chance to live, Jackie Summers not only beat those odds, but left his decades-long corporate career to create Sorel as a way to honor his Barbadian heritage. Following 623 failed attempts, Summers perfected the first and only shelf-stable sorrel liqueur. Most recently, Summers was nominated for the James Beard Media Award for Personal Essay, Long Form, and was honored among Wine Enthusiast’s Future 40 and Food & Wine magazine’s Drinks Innovators of the Year. Summers’ mission is to tell stories of marginalized peoples in their own voices.

Dec. 13, 2022

Build Your Own Table with Jackie Summers

Entrepreneur and founder of Jack From Brooklyn, Jackie Summers shares how a health scare caused him to reevaluate his priorities, create a liqueur company, and build his own table. While creating Sorel, a modern twist on a 500-year-old Caribbean clas...

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