Brandon May

Published Children's Author and Hired Pen

I knew I wanted to be a writer of some sort when I was in the third grade. I once told a high school guidance counselor that if someone would pay me, I'd write the nutritional information on the side of a cereal box and do it in such a manner that it would demand a movie deal and a sequel. I studied all forms of writing during my collegiate years, and I was finally fortunate enough almost a decade ago to land a gig writing educational multimedia. I learned a lot about how my writing can be manipulated and cultivated into a myriad of positive forms. I hope I helped teach a lot as well. I'm confident that I made the content entertaining and productive for the millions of students who have seen my words at work over the last ten years. Since then I’ve moved on to writing to educate and train adult employees for major corporations. I have also published a children's book.
Simply put: I'm a writer. I've always been a writer. I have an extensive background in writing for online education and instructional design, but my skill set can be applied to numerous industries. I'm open to any opportunity that will be fun and exciting, and I'm open to any opportunity that will allow me to take a blank computer screen with a blinking cursor and help my employer take pride and enjoy success in anything and everything I'm tasked to provide them.

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