Oct. 25, 2021

The Book Project

The Book Project

For quite some time it has been a dream of mine to share my story in a long-form version. There are several elements of my story that I felt were too personal to openly discuss. After wrestling with those elements, I’m ready to hang it all out there and share the unedited tale. Now is the time! The book project is born and destined to be published.

There are several reasons that I want to share my story. Mainly, so that future generations of my family know why there was a sudden wild branch that sprouted from the trunk. I also feel that my story may help someone else that is in a battle of their own.  Their battle may be different but the concepts to prevail, are the same. I want to reach and inspire that person, just like I’ve been inspired by the authors and stories that have touched me.

 In preparation for this project, over the years I’ve compiled documents, audio recordings, photos and relationships to help make the dream a reality. Although my story is evolving, the center piece is my battle with bacterial meningitis in 1998. I consider that event to be my rebirth. So many tremendous opportunities have occurred as a direct result. The next opportunity is to put all of this down in writing and share with the world.

I’m super excited about the book project but as it turns out, writing is not all that easy. It is a lot like life, though. I’m going to need some help from my family, friends and strangers to make the dream become reality. I was approached by a good friend with some solid advice and a financial commitment to help get things rolling. As the project moves forward, I’ll be reaching out to my family, friends and strangers for advice and financial commitments to transform the raw data and story and hone it into the story that I want to tell.