Ambiguously Blind

Challenging Beliefs & Revealing Abilities That Make People Extraordinary.

Join host John Grimes, exploring life after bacterial meningitis caused sudden blindness. Sharing experiences, adaptations, and connecting with others to discuss thriving with visual impairment and overcoming life's challenges.

About the Host

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John B Grimes


One of the lucky ones, John miraculously survived meningococcal disease (bacterial meningitis) as a sophomore in college. John’s body endured considerable trauma that was mostly healed with physical therapy. But, neurological dysfunction and blindness are permanent reminders of his battle with meningitis. To spread awareness John is an active advocate with meningitis organizations and shares his unique survival story and journey with sight loss on his podcast, Ambiguously Blind with a mission to challenge beliefs and reveal abilities that make people extraordinary.
John leads and motivates with a message full of impact that is universally understood. "The filter through which you view your circumstances is most certainly up to you. Whether you wake up in your own bed tomorrow, in a luxury suite at the Ritz-Carlton, or in a hospital, don’t wait to start building your life into the one you want. Waiting is like being at the DMV: your future seems to be in the hands of the apathetic (doctors with poor prognoses, bosses who don’t value you, and your own nagging self-doubt). Don’t wait. Just do the next right thing. Even if you end up taking two steps forward and one step back, that’s still progress. In Texas, we even call it dancing."